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The new Gen 3 Spruce Sensor

Available April 2019

Real data in real time. The Gen 3 Spruce Sensor measures soil moisture in real time, providing up to the minute analysis of your plants water needs.

We have improved the Spruce Sensor in every way, including calibrated and stabilized capacitive moisture detection, longer battery life, no-tool battery swap and improved electronic encapsulation. Oh, and it works with rechargeable batteries too!*

With the Spruce Irrigation system and sensors, your watering schedule is based on real-time measurements around your yard, not estimated values based on far away weather stations.

The Gen 3 Spruce soil moisture sensor in the next generation in real-time control and monitoring.

Spruce Sensor,Soil Moisture Sensor

Improved Soil Moisture Detection

  • Stabilized capacitive soil moisture detection across soil and temperature conditions.
  • Continuous moisture and temperature detection will report changes as often as every minute.
  • Factory calibration can be user initialized before connecting to system.

Longer Battery Life

  • 2x Battery life.*
  • Works with standard or rechargeable CR123 battery.*
  • CR123 battery is common and more robust than previous coin cell battery.
  • Tool-free cap removal makes battery change a snap.

New Features

  • On-demand measurement is activated by tapping the lid with the included magnet.
  • Magnetic connect with red & green led indicates when sensor has connected.
  • Full electronic encapsulation weather protection.
  • Any change in moisture or temperature is reported in 1 minute intervals.

Same Compatibility

  • Wireless 802.15.4 (Zigbee Home Automation)
  • Works with Spruce Gen2 Controller
  • Works with Samsung SmartThings and Gen1 Controller
  • Works indoors or outdoors
  • Wireless range can be extended with Zigbee HA repeating devices (sold separately)
Increased battery life and easy lid removal

*battery life will depend on environmental conditions and battery capacity, rechargeable batteries are typically lower capacity which may shorten effective battery life